PUBG MOBILE Vikendi Snow Map Review

Hey guys in this article I will share the PUBG Mobile New Snow Update Review. In the PUBG MOBILE Universe, a new card is always a breath of fresh air for the players. Last year, PUBG MOBILE was updated with new content to interest players in the game. Erangel was the standard map, based on an abandoned Russian landscape, while Miramar was a fictional depiction of the Mexican deserts. Sanhok was one of the most hyped cards PUBG visited two months ago, introducing lush green tropical backdrops in a smaller area to intensify the gameplay. And now the eagerly awaited snow map known to PUBG fans as Vikendi is here.

The card has been on the servers for almost a week and like many others I've tried it religiously every day. And after a week, I think the snow card loses the existing card offer in the game in terms of excitability. Let me explain.

Vikendi Map Bigger?

For those who wanted to fight big cards, Erangel was the only choice until Vikendi landed. The new card is 6x6 on the scale and thus much shorter than the 8x8 Erangel. However, it's a bit bigger than the 4x4 Sanhok. With a large base I really wanted to see how the card developers used every inch of Vikendi for exciting gameplay scenarios. And boy, they made a lot of money for that.

The Vikendi card feels big. Very large. I assumed that the smaller 6x6 area will provide a similar gaming experience to Sanhok. But as soon as you jump into the white wonderland, it becomes clear that you have to leave a lot of ground in the Classic games. The map was modeled after European snow regions, and the developers have made sure that most of the topological features you find in real Europe are perfectly matched. The snow deserts give a sense of more travel, with fewer hiding places in between.

I had originally planned the Cosmodrome region for the landing and spent a few minutes admiring the details that went into the area. The rocket may not feel as real as the PC version, but it's still a spectacle if you're a science lover. Throughout the facility, developers have made players fight more aggressively and develop smarter strategies. The same applies to Goroka - the area in which the ice lake and some accompanying European settlements are located. Dino Park sometimes feels scary, but it's a nice place to hand out your squad. Note - "With your squad."

These desserts are fun to explore, especially if you are traveling by vehicle. However, these icy plains and plateaus are a challenge on foot when attacked. The white backdrop makes opponents easily recognizable and hiding places are very sparse. Kreznic Mountain is a great place to take a bird's-eye view of Vikendi, but it also offers an extremely challenging ambience for shooting, especially those who have been hiding.

Vikendi also shows the dull brown Arctic coasts to the southwest of the map. At first glance, you might want to visit the area only to collect weapons or if you are not forced to stick to your team's plans - thanks to the boring environment. If you have white expanses just a few meters north of you, it does not make sense to be an area that is simply boring. However, card designers have worked very hard to emulate the realistic topographical features of the Arctic regions.

Therefore, Vikendi is an exquisitely designed card and challenges players to explore it further.

The vehicle pickup is interesting

In Vikendi, Like any other card, Vikendi receives its exclusive data. The only vehicle limited to this card are the snowmobiles. In the surroundings of Vikendi there are two variants of snowmobiles - a single seater and a double seater. Both are eye-catchers and extremely fun. With the snowmobile you can easily explore the snow-covered fields and the ice lake. In areas where the snowpack is sparse, however, it is difficult to handle the handling massively. Another negative aspect is that the snowmobile makes a lot of noise and that this can be deadly. I was shot several times because I was traveling by snowmobile, and finally made myself look at the others.

The two variants of the standard SUV, a sedan and a motorcycle, are also available. Although these do not require introduction to the PUBG players, it is worth noting that they are hard to control in icy regions. Therefore, a slower pace may make more sense in this case.

The chicken dinner is worth more here

As much as snow provides a visual spectacle, it creates a difficult gameplay. We all know it is one of the tricks to win games in PUBG so as not to attract attention. In Vikendi, the white background makes players more vulnerable than any other card. Even the slightest movement behind a rock or tree makes it immediately noticeable to experienced players. In fact, I was taken out of play hundreds of times, even assuming my hiding place was untraceable.

Even if you avoid the snow-white spots, the gameplay will not be easy. The small towns in Vikendi are designed so that even the slightest careless moves take the game with them. It will be frustrating to fall prey to someone with better weapons, but it is extremely rewarding if you kill most of them and move on to the next location. The sound design is also on site. The steps are muted as you walk on the snow, while the ambient sounds make you feel like you're in the Arctic.

However, I had expected that Tencent brings the special VFX effects from the PC and console versions. I had hoped that Vikendi's snow would record footsteps that could point out enemies and make them more challenging. The night mode and Aurora were also on my list of expectations for the mobile version. I also expected much more snowy spots than the small townships in the game. Nevertheless, these are to be expected over a series of future updates.

Is Vikendi the best way to beat PUBG MOBILE?

I'm not sure. While the snow card gives a fresh breeze to this popular Battle Royale game, it does not increase the experience in line with expectations. Vikendi is a visual spectacle, but the gameplay becomes a challenge for the average Joe. After losing a few games, I preferred to return to Sanhok and practice my skills as a weaponsmith with 100 others. Sanhok still offers a very satisfying gaming experience for both beginners and amateurs. At the end of the day, a game is satisfactory as long as the player is the hero, d. H. By winning the game.

Vikendi is certainly a masterpiece in digital craftsmanship and deserves a big round of applause for the efforts of the art designers. But I prefer that my good old Erangel and Sanhok satisfy my PUBG appetite and claim the chicken dinner day at least a few times a day.

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